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SAS Quality Cleaning Services undertakes all domestic duties associated with House Cleaning including making beds, dusting/polishing, vacuuming, floor washing, kitchen cleaning, bathroom and toilet cleaning. You may need the inside of kitchen cupboards to be cleaned periodically, a refrigerator to be defrosted and cleaned, kettle descaled or any other appliance cleaning. These can be scheduled as part of spring cleaning when we would also turn your mattress if applicable and clean interior windows. 

We provide cleaning materials and equipment in the cost unless of course you would prefer we use your's. 


Our extraordinary attention to detail makes our services of particular interest if you need your house cleaning for a Military Marchout for example or similarly if you are moving out of rented accommodation.   


Having specialised in the opening of new build 5 star hotels for many years we have trained staff to a standard not ordinarily seen in the domestic market. Employee's work performance is regularly audited and  new starters are accompanied until fully trained. Add to this a working knowledge of facilities management gained through NHS contracts involving the cleaning of operating theatres and wards. The principles of cleaning in this environment will be applied to your home to make it a healthy place to live.


The experience gained from turning a building site into a living, breathing hotel and liaising with interior designers to set up bedrooms and restaurants lends itself to carrying out Builder's cleans through to staging homes prior to photographic shoots for the estate agents brochure. 


Take a look at our services page for further details and additional resources we can provide such as wardrobe management.

Whatever your interest we will visit your property to discuss your specific needs and tailor our service to suit you. Call or e- mail to arrange an appointment for a customised quote.








“Trying to set up a business and running a house with two teenagers and a puppy meant that cleaning was not a priority. The messy house caused arguments and because we rent I was dreading the agent's inspection. Limescale was building up in the bathrooms, the ovens were dirty inside and we could barely see out of the windows. I hired SAS to  do a deep clean first then followed up by weekly visits.From the first clean the difference was evident and the house positively gleamed. The enamel to the Belfast sink in the kitchen was badly scratched and the bath tub and taps covered in scale. Despite my best efforts I couldn't improve them so I was amazed when SAS removed the scratches to the sink and made the bathroom suite look like new.
Julia, Tidworth
SAS Quality Cleaning Services serving Salisbury and the Plain


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“We got in touch with SAS to enquire about a one-off silver cleaning job. They were more than willing to travel in order to accommodate us and did not seem fazed by the amount of work we were asking them to do. They arrived promptly and worked tirelessly throughout and provided a thoroughly excellent service for a price that was more than reasonable. We would have absolutely no hesitation in hiring them again!"
Lt Toby Bennett, 1st Battalion, Royal Artillery, Tidworth Garrison